76 Luxury Holiday Cottages with Hot Tubs

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Our luxury holiday cottages with hot tubs are perfect for fun-filled weekends away, pampering hen parties, or big birthday celebrations. There’s no better way to relax tired muscles after, say,  a long walk, a tennis match or a day out, than with a luxurious soak in the bubbling water.

Choose a house with an outdoor hot tub that has far reaching views, like here at Longhollow House in Wiltshire. Or how about a more sheltered hot tub, with its own decked area, like the one at Riverbank Inn in Devon. And there’s nothing quite like gazing up at the night sky from the warmth of a hot tub and seeing a million stars. Some of our large houses even have more than one hot tub, so there’s room for everyone who wants to join the hot tub party!

From the Highlands of Scotland to the Kent coast, we have large houses and cottages to rent with hot tubs across the UK. Check out our full portfolio and start relaxing.

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Make the most of your holiday cottage with a hot tub

Our large houses and cottages with hot tubs are the ideal choice for a large group getaway such as an extended family reunion or a sophisticated hen party. Offering an exceptionally high standard of comfort and style, they make a special occasion out of any large group holiday. The luxuries don’t stop at hot tubs either. You can choose houses with swimming pools, saunas and games rooms, tennis courts, orchards and acres of garden. And you can turn your hot tub holiday into a spa break by booking in-house spa treatments which we can arrange through our recommended therapists. Make your holiday even more special by booking a private chef to come and conjure up a celebratory meal. Just give us a call and we will help you to plan the perfect break.

Large Houses and Cottages with Luxury Hot Tubs FAQ

  • Can babies or young children use hot tubs?

    Don’t allow babies or young children into the hot tub as it is not a safe environment for them, for lots of reasons. Generally speaking you can allow older children to use the hot tub but they must always be accompanied by an adult and you shouldn’t let them stay in the hot tub for long. Check with the guidelines for house you are staying at as some may have their own specific rules regarding children.

  • Can pregnant women use hot tubs?

    The NHS advise against using a hot tub if you are pregnant, which is the best advice. There are a number of risks, including overheating, dehydration, fainting or slips, none of which you want to happen when you’re pregnant. Certain medical conditions can also be affected by the hot tub, so check with your doctor if you have any of the following: heart disease; circulatory problems; high or low blood pressure; diabetes; or any other condition that affects your body’s ability to react to heat.

  • How long do the hot tubs take to heat up?

    At most houses, your hot tub will be heated ready for you to jump into when you arrive but if it isn’t, it will take a few hours to reach its optimal temperature. There should be instructions for your hot tub at your house, but generally speaking you will not need to adjust the temperature or the settings as it will be set to the right level.

  • What should I wear in the hot tub?

    Don’t forget to bring your swimming costumes for the hot tub and make sure your body and hair are free from lotions and oils when you use the hot tub

  • Are there any rules for using a hot tub?

    There will be guidance on how to use the hot tub at your house. It’s also useful to follow these basic health and safety rules which will mean you can enjoy your hot tub without any hitches:

    • Don’t bring any form of glass into the hot tub area
    • Don’t bring any electrical equipment into the hot tub area where you could be in contact with water.
    • Don’t have more people in the hot tub than it is designed for
    • Always supervise children in and around the hot tub and, if you are using it alone, ensure someone knows that’s where you are
    • Don’t use the hot tub if you have an infectious disease or you have an open wound, or within 48 hours of an upset stomach

  • Do I need to clean out the hot tubs?

    No, the hot tub is cleaned and refreshed between guests, so there is nothing for you to do apart from enjoy it. But please do leave it as you found it and follow all the guidelines for your hot tub. If something does go wrong, contact us or the owner or manager onsite to get it sorted. Please don’t attempt to fix it yourself.