Big Houses To Hire In Ireland

Location Ireland


Ireland is studded with lush counties vying for the title of most picturesque. County Kildare stakes a strong claim: get the best views of the mercurial peatlands and heather-threaded hills from St Brigid’s Cathedral. This region is also well-known for horse-breeding – learn more at the Irish National Stud Farm.

To the east of County Kildare is Ireland’s fabled capital, Dublin, home of writers such as Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw. Teeming with traditional pubs (the city has over 1,000 total), Georgian architecture and a thriving foodie scene.

Famous For

  • Timelessly spectacular landscapes and energetic cities, filled with a proud and friendly population
  • Castles and historical landmarks – the Rock of Cashel and Powerscourt Estate, to name just a couple
  • The Skellig Islands – two remote islands off the west coast. Skellig Michael is home to an ancient Christian monastery

What we think

We're delighted to have introduced Ireland to our portfolio. Ireland offers incredible scenery, epic adventures and a welcoming hospitality that you'll remember for a lifetime. 

Gareth, Big House Experience