19 Big Houses to Rent with an Indoor Swimming Pool


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Why you’ll love your stay in one of our luxury holiday homes with an indoor pool

Having an indoor swimming pool at your holiday cottage is like having your own private spa. You can jump in straight out of bed in the morning for an invigorating start to your day, play in the pool all afternoon, and sit poolside with your G&T whenever the mood takes you. We have some amazing luxury houses to rent with indoor pools, such as the exquisite indoor pool at Home Farm, or the spring-fed freshwater indoor pool at Tregulland Cottage and Barn, where you can get that wild swimming experience with a roof above your head. And if you’re bringing the children, an indoor pool is exactly what you need to keep them occupied, especially if you remember to bring some pool toys and inflatables. Best of all, you can splash about all day every day, whatever the Great British weather throws at you!

Our large holiday homes with indoor pools are located in some of the most idyllic locations across the country, from Meon House in Hampshire to Mereview Manor in the Lake District. Dive in and pick the one that’s right for you and your fellow guests.

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Make the most of your stay in a big house with an indoor swimming pool

A holiday house with an indoor swimming pool is something that will please everyone. The pool is available whenever you fancy a dip, it’s perfect for when the weather isn’t playing ball, and it comes into its own if you have children in your party, giving them hours of fun. Best of all, in many of our houses, the pool comes a steam room, like here at River Valley House, or even a gym, like the well-equipped gym at Tall Trees. Your luxury spa break is shaping up, so take it to the next level with in-house spa treatments. Talk to us about spa treatments when you book and we’ll put you in touch with our recommended therapists. An indoor pool makes a holiday special, whether you’re getting together as a multi-generational family, reuniting with old friends or enjoying a weekend celebration.

House with an indoor Swimming Pool FAQs

  • Are pool towels included?

    We recommend you bring your own pool towels. All our properties have guest towels for the bathrooms but most do not provide additional towels for the pool. If you are uncertain, please ask us when you book and we can give you a definitive answer for the property you have booked.

  • Are there changing facilities?

    Most of our houses have changing facilities next to the pool so you can bring your bathing gear down to the pool to get changed, then dive straight in. You can dry off afterwards too, saving a trip back up to your bedroom. If this is important to you, give us a call and we can tell you exactly which houses with indoor swimming pools have poolside changing facilities.

  • Are the pools shared?

    The pool is yours and yours alone in most of our houses. It is within the house or the grounds for your exclusive use, and not open you anyone who is not staying there. A few of our houses are on country estates where the pool facilities are shared by a select few properties. These include Hillview Retreat and Waterhouse Manor. Two more properties, Mereview Manor and Oldstone Hall also share a pool, and you can book the pool for 45-minute private use slots here.

  • How deep are the pools?

    This may vary by house. If you have a concern, ask us and we will confirm the exact details for the house that interests you. Generally speaking, pools will have a shallow end, which is 3ft or lower and some will have a gradient to the deeper end, which could be up to 8ft deep. For obvious reasons, children should be supervised whenever they are in the pool area and non-swimmers should stay at the shallow end.

  • How warm are the pools?

    Most pools will be kept at 27°-29°C. This is the optimum temperature for comfortable and safe swimming and leisure activities. Take our advice and jump straight in; you’ll acclimatise almost instantly, and the fun can begin! If you have a query about the pool temperature at a particular house, let us know and we will find out.

  • How can I ensure young children are safe around the pool?

    The golden rule is to supervise the children at all times in the pool area. Teach them some basic safety rules too:

    • Don’t go into the pool area without permission or without an adult
    • Stay at the shallow end if you are not a strong swimmer
    • Don’t run or push each other around the pool
    • Never hold anyone under the water
    • Don’t dive into the shallow end
    • Don’t play or swim near the drains or suction outlets

    With proper supervision, pool time can be safe and fun but things do sometimes go awry, so be ready to act fast. It’s also an excellent idea as a parent or guardian learn CPR skills.

  • What are some fun games to play together in the swimming pool?

    Pool volley ball is great fun when there’s a crowd of you. ‘Donkey’ is another old favourite. It’s a simple game of catch in a circle. Each time you miss the ball you add a letter of Donkey until you spell the whole word out – then you’re out! Races are fun too, and you can also set up an obstacle course, including things like swim a length on your back, do a handstand on the floor of the pool and swim through hoops. Diving toys are another great idea. They are a set of items that you throw into the pool and they stay at the bottom. They all have to be rescued by each diver and the best time wins. You’ll find them in any good toy store. How about a game of sharks and minnows? The ‘shark’ stands in the middle of the pool and the ‘minnows’ line up at one end. The shark shouts ‘Shark attack’ and the minnows have to get to the other end of the pool without being caught by the shark. Once caught they become sharks too. The winner is the last minnow.

  • What should I pack to make the most of the swimming pool?

    It’s so easy to forget your swimming togs. How many times have you had to make an emergency purchase because someone forgot to pack theirs? So put them at the top of your list now and don’t cross them off until you know you have at least one set and a spare in the suitcase. Here’s a handy list of things to remember:

    • Swimming costumes/trunks/shorts
    • Hair ties or swimming caps
    • Pool towels for throwing over the loungers and drying off when you’ve finished in the pool
    • Inflatables and pool toys (make sure you include a beach ball)
    • Armbands and rubber rings for the children
    • Flip flops or sliders for walking poolside

  • Do I need to clean the swimming pool?

    No, don’t worry, you don’t need to clean the swimming pool, your host will look after it. However, you are asked to leave the pool as you found it and make sure nothing goes into the pool that shouldn’t. If you do have any mishaps, let your host know immediately and stay out of the pool area until everything is sorted.