22 Luxury Holiday Cottages with EV Charging


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Large holiday houses with a charging point for your car

Sustainability is important to us at Big House Experience and we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our impact on the planet. We know it’s important to you too, and we can see this by the increasing number of guests travelling to our properties in electric cars. With this in mind, we have curated a list of our properties that now have EV (Electric Vehicle) charging points. It’s a list we expect to see grow and grow in the future.

Knowing that there’s an EV charger at the property you are staying in means you can truly relax and enjoy your holiday without the worry of where to charge your car. Wherever you choose to stay, it’s a relief to know that you can recharge your vehicle when you arrive and before you leave for the journey home. All without the queues of a public charging point.

The provision of EV charging at our properties is not dictated by the age of a property or its location. Like all the other luxuries and essentials of the 21st century, from hot tubs to wireless sound systems, EV charging may be available whether you’re staying in an 18th century manor house or a secluded cottage that’s off the beaten track, so don’t feel that you have to limit yourself to modern properties near towns and cities.

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Make the most of your holiday cottage with EV charging

You can be certain that all the properties above contain EV charging points. What varies property by property, is the number and location of charging points and the cost of charging. Some properties, such as Colnebrook Hall in Essex and Glenlochan in the west of Scotland, currently allow you to charge your car without any additional cost, while others apply a small charge for use. The cost varies by property but will always be sensible – the more we can encourage and facilitate sustainable practices, the better. The manner of charging also varies, from the honesty box at The Cedar Barn in Somerset, where you pay what you think is a reasonable amount, to the use of an app that monitors usage and charges accordingly at Windermere Sanctuary. Over time, we suspect the app method will become the common approach. There are a lot of variables here so if you have an electric vehicle and you want to know exactly how you will be able to charge it and how much it will cost, give us a call and we can give you all the details for the property you are booking.

Large Houses and Cottages with EV Charging FAQs:

  • Do all properties have an EV charger?

    Not all our properties have an EV charger yet, however, all the properties listed on this page do have an EV charger. As the use of electric cars increases, we expect more and more of our properties will install EV charging, with a longer term aim of EV charging being available at all our properties. If you are interested in a particular property, get in touch and we’ll tell you exactly what’s available.

  • What type of EV charger do your properties have?

    The different types of EV charger are based on charging speeds. While we are confident that you will be able to charge your car, we are less sure about the charging speeds at each of our properties. Private charging points tend to charge more slowly than the public provision at garages and motorway service stations, so you will probably choose to charge your car overnight when you first arrive and top it up thereafter. If you need to know specifically what kind of EV charging point is at your property, give us a call and we can find out for you.

  • Where there is no EV charger, can I plug into the mains?

    The simple answer is no – unless you have express permission from the owner to do so. Nearly all our cottages with an EV charger have one or more charging points specifically for the car and this is what you should use. This is safer and quicker than plugging into the mains with a three pin plug. One or two of the properties do allow charging via a three pin plug and we will tell you if this is the case with the house you book.

  • What if we have more than one electric car in our group?

    Some of our houses have multiple charging points. For instance, there are eight at Mynach House, six at The Barn at Mynach and two at many other properties. If you have more than one electric car in your party and you are worried about this, get in touch and we’ll tell you exactly how many there are at your property.

  • Will I be charged for the electricity usage?

    The cost of charging your car varies for each property. Some do not charge at all, some have a flat rate per car, some charge exactly for usage using an app, and one has an honesty box for you to decide yourself how much to pay. None of the charges should be any more than you would pay at a public charging point and most are cheaper, because we are keen to support your efforts to drive more sustainably. If you want to know more about the property you are staying in, give us a call and we’ll provide the details.