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Scotland is known for its rugged scenery, friendly people and whiskey making. It’s particularly impressive for its variety of experiences. Perthshire offers both forested mountains and quaint market towns such as Blairgowrie, while the diverse topography of Aberdeenshire slowly unravels to reveal volcanic hills and misty beaches.

Classy Edinburgh has a delightfully multi-layered past – take a stroll into the Old Town and find yourself surrounded by centuries-old tenements and pubs. Head north and treat your senses to the otherworldly, sub-Arctic Cairngorms, the UK’s largest national park, where heather clings to the hillsides and ptarmigans swoop in and out of view.

Famous For

  • Whiskey-making on far-flung islands such as Jura and Islay
  • Edinburgh’s elegant grandeur and Glasgow’s gritty brand of cool
  • Wild landscapes and mountain ranges
  • Hundreds of castles, from Craigmillar to Hermitage
  • A rich and fascinating history spanning centuries
  • World-class seafood and venison, as well as Aberdeen Angus beef
  • Its writers and artists, such as Ian Rankin, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns

What we think

From the mountainous Highlands to the historic Lowlands, discover Scotland's incredible history, awe-inspiring beauty and charming hospitality.

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