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May 2020, by Evie Allen
Old Mill Barns1

Old Mill Barns is a wonderful place to stay, and I absolutely adored my experience. Amazingly, it brought the whole family together in a handful of precious moments, from  enjoying a puzzle with my relatives as the fire warmed the cosy room behind us, laughing as we all played table tennis and various other games in the spacious games room, and  enjoying breakfast in the elegant kitchen area. While the barns are beautiful, it is nothing compared to the exquisite location it is set upon, and I vividly remember looking out the window at the splendid hills of Herefordshire. And on top of that, the bedrooms are magical, and I practically fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, it was so comfortable! Overall, I highly recommend this property as a family-friendly cosy getaway for all to enjoy.   

By Evie Allen, 11 years